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Clinical Services Review:

The Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Governing Body met on 20 September and approved the following recommendations:

Integrated Community Services:

A community hub with beds would offer with a wide range of facilities including outpatients, diagnostics and an urgent care centre for minor injuries and ailments – alongside “step-up’ beds from people’s homes and ‘step-down’ beds from acute hospitals.

The recommendation is that the following hospitals will be commissioned as community hubs with beds:

  • Blandford Hospital
  • Bridport Hospital
  • Yeatman Hospital, Sherborne
  • Victoria Hospital, Wimborne
  • Weymouth Community Hospital

For Shaftesbury the recommendation is to maintain a community hub with beds in Shaftesbury Hospital whilst working with the local community until a sustainable model for future services based on the health and care needs of this locality is established, possibly at a different site to the existing hospital.

A community hub without beds would offer a range of outpatient services, co-location of staff and the potential as a site for a range of other complementary local community resources. Beds could be provided in local care homes.

The recommendation for Portland and Wareham is to commission a community hub without beds in each town, possibly at different sites to the existing hospitals.

In Weymouth the recommendation is to commission a community hub with beds at Weymouth Community Hospital.  A further recommendation is to maintain services including beds at Westhaven Hospital until the community hub with beds at Weymouth Hospital is established and staff and services have been appropriately transferred.

In Poole, the recommendation is to commission a community hub with beds on the Major Planned Hospital site.  A further recommendation is to maintain services including beds at Alderney Hospital until alternative services have been established and staff have been appropriately transferred. At which point Alderney Hospital’s community beds will close.  Mental health and dementia services will remain unchanged pending the outcome of the dementia services review.

The recommendation in East Dorset is for St Leonards Hospital to close.

Acute Services:

The recommendation: to commission distinct roles for Dorset’s acute hospitals as part of one acute network of services


  • To commission a Major Emergency Hospital at the Bournemouth Hospital site
  • To commission a Major Planned Hospital at the Poole Hospital site
  • To commission a Planned and Emergency Hospital at the Dorset County Hospital site

For more details see the CCG website:

The Friends are delighted it has been confirmed that our hospital will be a ‘hub’ with beds and we look forward to doing all we can to continue to improve facilities and equipment to make sure it stays a centre of excellence.

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Saturday 4th November at the Hospital  10am – 12 noon

Stalls, Raffle, Coffee and Cake and a chance to see our refurbished entrance hall